Dynamo Deployment Issue

I am attempting to deploy Dynamo Player throughout the office. I’m running into my first major snag with the Package Path not keeping the packages pathed. I have added the path to all my packages on the server to everyone’s computer.
For some reason Dynamo cannot see these packages until I hit Accept Changes under Manage Node and Package Paths dialog box. This has to be done every time you open Dynamo.

Can anyone please tell me if they have successfully deployed Dynamo with a server package path?

bl 5.pdf (153.6 KB)

Thank you!

I had this issue before, and it was caused by multiple installations of the same package. My solution was the remove ALL of the packages in the C drive location (I just cut the contents of the folder and pasted to an archive location incase I wanted stuff back), and then restarted Dynamo.

I have run into issues where a package needs to be installed locally at the C drive path though (pretty sure it was Ladybug but I don’t recall).


Thank you Jacob!

That did the trick.

Good to hear. Please mark as solved to help others in the future.