Dynamo crashing Revit 2020

Revit 2020 crash while running dynamo script.
Following error message popups in the dynamo application.

We find out the following solution.

  1. I create a new Revit model using any template file. Dynamo does not show this error message and works perfectly.
  2. Open the same crashed model in the same Revit application. Run the dynamo. Dynamo works fine.

This solution has not practical while working on the project.
We have not faced any problem on the Revit 2019 and Revit 2021.
Same scripts work fine here.

Is there any other solution available for the same?

Two roads possible:

  • disabling all revit addins and turning them on one by one and trying to narrow down the one causing the trouble

  • removing all dynamo packages and putting them back again one by one or by groups to narrow down the one causing the trouble

You could also verify if that is the case with the same file on a different computer/setup

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