Dynamo crash/error, then unable to load Dynamo from Revit2020


Earlier today I recieved an error message (can’t remember what it said) which prompted me to save my dynamo-file before it crashed. After the crash, I was unable to load dynamo from revit2020. I could press the button, but dynamo can’t launch.

Currently, I’ve tried to delete and reinstall revit2020 using the Autodesk Uninstall Tool, however the problem remains unchanged.

It likely doesn’t matter, but I am using Revit2020 on a student version. Dynamo has worked for a couple of months up until now.


any error info?

I didn’t think to screenshot it. Is there a way to gather an error log even though I’ve reinstalled everything?

It suddenly started working again. I didn’t do anything special except for opening it up and trying again.