Dynamo crashes when making AnalyticalPanel from surfaces


I have a made a roof model with Grasshopper. The model is imported into Dynamo with Rhynamo. So far so good, but when creating Panels in Robot Dynamo often crashes. I can make parts of the roof this way, but when trying to make the entire roof, Dynamo consistently crashes.

This is the Dynamo-script:

I have checked the geometry in Grasshopper. All surfaces are planar. I’m not sure how to make this work. Does anybody have any similar experience? Are there any more checks I could do?

Thanks in advance!


We kinda need the geometry to know why it’s failing. Can you post it? Otherwise it’s akin to this: There is gas in the tank and my foot is on the accelerator but it doesn’t roll. Do you know why my car won’t go?

Things you can check first: Grasshopper models often look clean but aren’t - try rebuilding it manually from scratch in GH on a new layer and import just the stuff on the clean layer. Or try importing the 3DM into Revit and rebuild the geometry there to see if the ‘why’ becomes apparent.

Hi Jacob

Thanks for feedback. Yes, it’s hard to give feedback without model, but I cannot upload attachments as a new forum user. I attached an image:

Almost all geometry is made in GH, except the pillars. I’ll do the test with importing into Revit you proposed and keep you posted in this thread. :slight_smile:

The problem seem to be that I can import all surfaces into Robot separately, but not when I try to import all together, but I need to do a more consistent check on this.

Hi @thththomas

don’t know if you have fixed the problem?
in this link you will find an example code of creating a panelpanel assign thickness

gr Edward

@thththomas - can you try using a version of Dynamo 2.5 or greater?

As @JacobSmall said, we need data(script) to see whether the problem is on the Dynamo or RSA side

We have already found a problem with multi-faces panels generated in Dynamo and exported to RSA. We are analyzing it.