Dynamo counts sheet sequence & total of central / linked models & push info. to paramaters sheet index and title blocks. how to push count/total back to central models. Thank you

SheetCount v14.dyn (338.5 KB)

I had a look at your script…pretty intense. I’m sure there is a more simple way to get things sorted and ordered, but it is difficult to say without the revit file attached.

Based on your script and the heading of this post, it sounds like you want to:

  1. create a sheet number and total sheet count of the federated set (all disciplines) and
  2. write the federated sheet number and total number of sheets back into the central file of each model.

Well, here is a script of a simulated method using strings to push information through the script.

Not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s probably the method I would use. Otherwise, I would grabe the Model Name, Element ID, Sheet Numbers and export to excel for import into each model.

I’ve never actually opened a model in the background. If it doesn’t work, just post a response here or search for it ono the forum. I’m certain it’s been asked before.
Try Using String - Sheet Order.dyn (204.5 KB)