Is there a way for dynamo to list all the sheets in a project? and get the count?

is there a way for dynamo to list all the sheets in a project? and get the count?

That is probably my fault. :-)

Yesterday I removed all the BuiltInCategory nodes from the package, because in the recent daily builds there is now a built-in Category node with a dropdown available.

I suggest you either download Select By Category 0.3.11 (that's the last version that has the custom category nodes) and install it manually (i.e. drop it in the dynamo_packages directory) or upgrade Dynamo to a recent daily build (I'm currently using
DynamoDailyInstall20140126T0310.exe which seems to be stable enough).

Ok, stupid question here :)
Im missing the first part BuiltInCategory Sheets... is that a node in itself? I installed the CAAD_RWTH package but cannot seem to find it


Thanks. It works! I added "Get Sublist Lenghts" and then "First of List" to William's sheet list method to get a number to input to my project parameter. Now I just have to figure out how to run this automatically before printing.

Hi Greg,

setting a parameter is actually a one-liner in Python.

Here's the Python code:

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *
import Autodesk

item = IN0
param = IN1
val = IN2

OUT = item.Parameter[param].Set(val)

Make sure to get the newest version of package Select By Category - I just added the Project Information category node to it.

You will however need to manually create a project parameter (e.g. "Total number of sheets") first. And make sure that data types match (parameter and Dynamo input). Haven't tested this extensively, but this should work in most cases.

Once you get the sheet set total -- I used "Get Sublist Lengths" -- how do you set this as a project or sheet parameter for a titleblock? I need to put "Sheet X of Y" on the titleblock.

The package is called "Select By Category"