Dynamo code suddenly working differently

So I was using Dynamo code as I usually do but it suddenly started working differently.

I put Element.GetParameterValueByName in a code block but whereas I expected it to ask for two different inputs which I’d put in brackets behind that bit of code it now puts Element as it asks for an input for element. I don’t know what caused this change and older code which was done like previously described still works fine but with this new graph all my code suddenly works like this:

Anyone has an idea what’s going on?

You are calling the method statically so you need to provide an Element instance as an input. DS is inconsistent as certain methods are supported both statically and non-statically, making it a bit of a lottery IMO - especially if there is no consistency to the semantics of your code. If you try myElement.GetParameterValueByName() (that’s a ‘non-static’ call on the instance rather than the type) you wont need to provide two inputs. Best thing to do is use node-to-code and let it decipher the semantics for you.


I’m thinking it might have been caused by making my first code Family.ByName(famnam).Types

I might just start the entire thing over as suddenlijk working like this is rather annoying. Although I do sorta like this format.

Have you installed any new packages lately?

I have installed a couple of packages actually, I had no idea that could make a difference with the code.

I’m currently working in Dynamo 1.3.1 (there’s still projects running in Revit 2016 here…) and have the following packages installed:

  • archi-lab (2016.13.4)
  • bimporphNodes (2.5.1)
  • BumbleBee (2017.13.2)
  • Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x (1.31.1)
  • Data-Shapes (2017.6.17)
  • MEPover (2016.12.6)
  • Rhythm (2016.11.7)
  • Sastrugi (0.1.4)
  • spring nodes (110.0.2)

It wouldn’t be much of a problem for me to literally remove all of them as I tend to “unpack” custom nodes anyway so the Dynamo graphs are easier to share.

Which was the newest install? Try pulling that one out first.

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Well, I certainly deleted more packages than I needed to, but it’s fixed now.

Thanks a lot!