Categories dropdown node picking wrong selection between 17/18


Has anyone else had issues with the categories dropdown node selecting different things between revit 2017 and 2018? I set the scripts to work in 2017 and in 2018 the node is about 15 selections off on the dropdown.


Tomorrow I’ve discovered the same thing with my modules. I even placed text notes to remember what categories the nodes original were.


Yea I had to go through all my scripts and just use a string and the category by name node to replace the dropdown. Same issue happens with the family types drop down.


Categories are sometimes added between Revit versions. This allows the introduction of new features. Families differ between projects. As such these items aren’t consistent between models and you have to plan for this by using other methods (by name, by creating a user interface allowing variable selection by the user, etc).


Well, categories could be consistently identified by their built-in names or IDs (neither of which change between Revit versions afaik) across Revit versions. It’s just that the categories dropdown node doesn’t seem to be coded that way.

Dynamo Categories Dropdown is swapped in different Revit versions

The thing was I never had issues before with the nodes between 17 and 18 in Dynamo 1.3. As long as said category or family type existed in the project in each version it was selected. I think the way the node works was changed and it just remembers the index in the dropdown.