Category drop-down changes every time

Hi all,

I have a rather general question that I would like to ask, hopefully someone has a solution for this.

I have a script running in the office by several users… The script is located on our server and runs through the Dyno Browser plugin, so it has its own button in Revit. All users can use the script effectively… Except for one.

If this user activates the script, nothing happens… When I teamviewer in and open up the script from the users side, all the categories have shuffled around. Example, “Ducts” becomes “Duct Fittings Tags”, “Pipes” becomes “Pipes - Drop” and this goes on for all of the categories that are found in the script. No one else has this issue…
Dynamo has been uninstalled and re-installed, all packages have been recopied over, user is on the same version of Revit and the same version of Dynamo and it just keeps happening.
Does anyone have any ideas why or how to solve it?

Category and other drop downs are not static between Revit versions.

In most years Revit has new categories and types which come out (IE: Path of Travel in 2020, all the things for the infrastructure stuff in 2021). Imagine getting a list of all the categories and pulling the 13th thing in the list in 2019 it might be ‘Rooms’ but in 2020 it would be ‘Room - Separation Lines’.

This was basically the behavior until Dynamo 2.1 when it switched to a dictionary method instead.

So the good news is that once you move into only using 2020 and newer and migrate the graphs to the new format, the issue will go away. :slight_smile:

A lot of people’s reaction to that is something along the lines of ‘but we still use 2015 for a lot of our work, it’s going to take a decade for that to happen.’ The good news there is you can usually use a method like ‘Category.ByName’ or similar to ensure a specific category throughout all versions. Alternatively if you trigger a UI via Datashapes or have people use Dynamo Player and edit the inputs this can also be prevented.

Sorry for the inconvenience - hopefully you’ll be able to square this away quickly with this info.


Thanks Jacob, that makes perfect sense, didn’t think of that…
It’s strange how it is just one user though, everyone else is fine and there was no difference with the installations :thinking:

The “Category.ByName” option is a great solution though, thank you :slight_smile:

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