Dynamo can't open script files that are Offline File versions

Has anyone else seen or heard of an issue with Dynamo being unable to open scripts that are located on a network drive but in “offline” mode (i.e. Windows Offline Files)? We have verified this issue on two separate system running Revit 2017 and Dynamo 1.3. If the scripts files are “online” then they open fine. If you go “offline” then you can’t open the file and receive the following error: “Unknown error opening file: O:…\script.dyn”. Here are the notification details of the error:

System.InvalidOperationException: Method failed with unexpected error code 50.
at System.Security.AccessControl.NativeObjectSecurity.CreateInternal(ResourceType resourceType, Boolean isContainer, String name, SafeHandle handle, AccessControlSections includeSections, Boolean createByName, ExceptionFromErrorCode exceptionFromErrorCode, Object exceptionContext)
at System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemSecurity…ctor(Boolean isContainer, String name, AccessControlSections includeSections, Boolean isDirectory)
at System.Security.AccessControl.DirectorySecurity…ctor(String name, AccessControlSections includeSections)
at DynamoUtilities.PathHelper.HasWritePermissionOnDir(String folderPath)
at DynamoUtilities.PathHelper.IsReadOnlyPath(String filePath)
at Dynamo.Graph.Workspaces.WorkspaceModel…ctor(IEnumerable1 nodes, IEnumerable1 notes, IEnumerable1 annotations, WorkspaceInfo info, NodeFactory factory, IEnumerable1 presets, ElementResolver resolver)
at Dynamo.Graph.Workspaces.HomeWorkspaceModel…ctor(EngineController engine, DynamoScheduler scheduler, NodeFactory factory, IEnumerable1 traceData, IEnumerable1 nodes, IEnumerable1 notes, IEnumerable1 annotations, IEnumerable`1 presets, ElementResolver resolver, WorkspaceInfo info, Boolean verboseLogging, Boolean isTestMode)
at Dynamo.Models.DynamoModel.OpenHomeWorkspace(XmlDocument xmlDoc, WorkspaceInfo workspaceInfo, WorkspaceModel& workspace)
at Dynamo.Models.DynamoModel.OpenFile(WorkspaceInfo workspaceInfo, XmlDocument xmlDoc, WorkspaceModel& workspace)
at Dynamo.Models.DynamoModel.OpenFileFromPath(String xmlPath, Boolean forceManualExecutionMode)
at Dynamo.Models.DynamoModel.ExecuteCommand(RecordableCommand command)
at Dynamo.ViewModels.DynamoViewModel.Open(Object parameters)

@Jeff1 One possibility is that because you cannot create new files in Offline mode, so while opening the file, Dynamo trying to create a backup folder and wants to copy paste your original file in that, it seems that operation is not getting completed and hence file open operation not able to finish.

That is a good thought on the topic and could have something to do with this, but the only discrepancy is that you can create files and folders in “Offline” mode. When you return to your office network, those new files and folders just get sync’d back to the server. Also, we are able to open and save Revit files, Excel files, Word files, etc., with “offline” files and all of those programs create temp files and/or backup files when you open a file in them, so why don’t they have the same issue?

Found that topic because we are having the same issue. Windows 7, Revit 2018.3, Dynamo Core/Revit
Any news on this? Wondering if this is still an issue with Windows 10 and/or Revit 2019 and/or Dynamo 2.x?

I’ve just encountered this problem aith Revit 2019.2 and Dynamo Super weird. Any more news on a fix for it?