Dynamo Builds Website Access is Denied (Error 403)

When trying to access dynamobuilds.com, I get a HTTP 403 error saying that I am denied access from viewing the website. The same thing happens when I try to click on the “Download” button for Dynamo Sandbox on https://dynamobim.org/download/.

Is something wrong with the website or is it just my network?

Just tried myself and also have the same issue, was fine yesterday.

Hi @mohsen.assaqqaf @luckysurfcs

Which version you need?

The latest version of Dynamo, which I believe is Dynamo Sandbox 2.4.0

We’re aware of this issue and working on it now :slight_smile:

@mohsen.assaqqaf - an alternative download site is: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/releases

Thank you Sol!

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Hey, was just checking the issue @mohsen.assaqqaf had. Not actually in need of download myself :slight_smile:

Thanks though!

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@mohsen.assaqqaf - try the site now and see if it works.

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@JacobSmall @solamour The site is now working properly, thank you for the swift fix!

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