Can not open page

can not open page
try to download dynamo from other web. but cannot search node package
can post dynamo download on page like it used to be?

The release strategy is different for the more recent versions of Dynamo as they are packaged with their respective applications (e.g. all Dynamo upgrade for Dynamo for Revit are included in the Revit updates themselves). You can still download WIP and stable builds from dynamobuilds. Are you looking for instead?

Thx for reply
Actually i can download dynamosandbox and search node package.
I think it will be the same if i search&download from
This way…it just takes more time.So i want download dynamo from official website.
ALL of this is because I can’t open

Hi Lawrence

Could you please try now. It works from my end.

thx for reply
can`t open it still…
i think i need to use vpn or sth…
i have already ask my friend who is abroad to download dynamo for me
thx anyway