Dynamo bug? - 2 identical lists, provide different outputs - how possible?

Hello…why would a list, seemingly identical, would cause the same node to behave differently? When I use a list of levels from a list.map node the floor get re-created at each run…but if the same list created with list.create node, the floor doesn’t get re-created. First question…why would the same list provide different outcomes? how can I use the List.Map sequence (or similar?) and not have the floor re-created each time? is this a bug? or is it how Revit’s API deals with where how the level list is created? Seems odd that the outcome is different. Below is the Dynamo script…and if you want, just a simple revit file with 2 levels and 2 rooms. thank you in advance! <span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>Dynamo Script</span> - Community Help - Automatic with ListMap


Revit basic file - PROJECT COMMUNITY - TEST Same list different results

So…I’m trying to remember why I ended not using the “elements” output from the lunchbox Room Element Collector…there was something weird with it a few days ago…but now the element works for me in the nodes I show. For some reason if I get the list of elements from the all elements of category node…it causes the re-creation of the floors…again, not sure why…but it does. I can now make it work with the custom node…but still don’t know why the 2 lists would create a different output.

it’s tricky, can you clarify if you are still seeing this?

I think the issue is the AllElementsOfCategory node, just a guess, it’s possible that after creation of a floor, this element collector node is firing again, causing a recreation of floors, but it should stop after 1 round of inputs being the same on the floor element constructor, - we may not be detecting outline inputs as “the same” correctly.

Hello Michael, If I use the All ElementsOfCategory node it goes to infinite loop…the weird thing is that if I manually run it the level ID and the floor ID remain the same…so no re-creation…but when I run it automatically, it will constantly re-create it and go into an infinite loop…I know this because I connected a write to excel node and noticed the ID of the floors constantly change. So yes, it still happens with the same node. When I use the lunchbox custom node for collecting the elements then it works…weird thing is that if I run it manually it will re-create the floor each time I run it…but if I run it automatically, it won’t go into infinite loop…essentially the opposite…but at least I get the results I need.