Dynamo and Revit Crash - See which nodes create crash

Hi everyone :wink:

I have some pretty large scripts which run from time to time, but also create crashes of Revit a lot of times.

Everything works when the script is running. There are no infinite loops in my Python script.

Is there any chance to see which nodes create the crash after starting the crash? Something like a log which nodes have already been started or something similar?

The log files don´t give any hint what the problem could be.

Check your Revit journals and Dynamo log files as a start. And be sure to save often. :slight_smile:

Maybe freeze the nodes starting from the start or end of your script and work your way to the where it crashes.

I save pretty much all the time before running a script… I tried it with freezing some parts. My problem is that it is running most of the time, but crashes to often.

If there would be a way to look into the dynamo node path somehow, I could see which node creates most of the crashes :slight_smile: I thought there could be a plugin I have not found yet ;D

Where are these Dynamo Log files located?

They mostly won’t show much beyond what is in the console. They are in the app data folder. Info here: Where Does My Dynamo Live? - Dynamo BIM