Hi guys,

I can see that there is some topics abou dynamo and navisworks… but, my english it’s not so good to understand everything… so… i made this topic to get an answer:

can i use dynamo in navisworks, like i can use in revit?

or is very limited?

It’s been a long time since I’ve played around with Dynamo in Navisworks but I’ll try to answer your question from what I can remember.

Not exactly like you use it with Revit. You can use Dynamo to read information from Navisworks files and reports, but everything in Navisworks is just information from Revit. You have to remember that Navisworks doesn’t really create any new information. It just allows you to filter, sort, and manage existing Revit data. You can’t really modify any element information in Navisworks but you can create, modify, and run clash tests. This is where the benefit of using Dynamo comes in. You can automate clash tasks and even get new clash reports without having to manually open Navisworks.

There may have been some additional features added since then, but this is what I mostly used DynaWorks for when I was testing functionality.

Hope that helps.