Dynamo Addins

Hey everyone I wanted to thank you all for the help over the past year I have dived into dynamo.

Now on the to the question.

What tools/addins are out there that help us within dynamo. I am not talking about nodes or packages we use to build dynamo scripts, more about tools that help us build scripts. An example would be monocle. I have been searching and I have not found much.

I started down this path because I was looking at building a macro pad to use for keyboard short cuts for some dynamo nodes to help speed up the process but only came up with a tool(dynafyre) that was created years ago and has been abandoned.

Any info you may have would be helpful. Thanks!

Have a look here, as I covered a bunch of view extensions in this community conversation session: 13 - Extending Dynamo with Jacob Small - YouTube

Also I believe that Dynafire was open sourced, so you could likely pick it back up of you were so inclined.

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