Dynamo 2.12 Update: API Scope Changes

This post is regarding the API scope changes in the latest Dynamo version 2.12.

In Dynamo 2.12, we have introduced a Preferences dialog that will display the Dynamo settings and its features. There are 4 sub panels in the Preferences dialog:

General: Language options, Run settings, Node settings, Geometry Scaling options.
Features: Python settings, Experimental options.
Visual Settings: Render Precision, Display Settings.
Package Manager: Node and Package paths, Installed Packages.

As a result, some of the Dynamo dialogs that were present in the previous versions of Dynamo are no longer available. Three such dialogs are the “Installed Packages” dialog which was under Packages menu item (Manage Packages), “Manage Node & Package Paths” and “Geometry Scaling” dialogs which were under Settings menu item.

You now cannot access them now through public API as they are no longer created. That information is rather displayed in the Preferences dialog. Previously a user could access such dialogs from the Dynamo Window object by accessing its children info but this behavior is no longer supported. After these changes, Dynamo controls will not be part of the API scope. For instance, the Settings menu control is removed in the 2.12 version of Dynamo and can no longer be accessed through API’s.