Dynamo 2.0 Polycurve.JoinCurves in ZeroTouch can not find Method



Hi Guys,

I am upgrading my zero touch nodes from Dynamo 1.3 to Dynamo 2.0. Dynamo me pop me an error that Polycurve.JoinCurves method isnot found .However, there is no error in visual studio , and both built-in node and code block is able to call this function.

Anyone can help on this issue?

I just called the method from Visual Studio to create this zero touch node

The package intalled

Thanks Very Much !


@Clover you are building the package on dynamo 2.0 nugets - but running in on dynamo 1.x.


whoops, mis-saw your image - somehow the wrong protogeometry dll appears to be getting loaded since it cannot find the a method that exists in the dynamo 2.x protogeometry dlls.

can you try removing all other packages from dynamo - it’s possible one of them is distributing an old version of protogeometry.


I was using Dynamo 2.0 for both ,Anyway, I have solved the problem after updating Dynamo to 2.0.1