Dynamo 2.0.3? ... latest/last for Revit 2019?

I thought I had asked this before - but I couldn’t find the post… is 2.0.3 the absolute last/latest for Revit 2019?

According to https://dynamobuilds.com/ ,

the latest is Dynamo 2.0.4 :point_right: https://dyn-builds-data.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/DynamoInstall2.0.4.exe

I guess I am missing something. How can you tell from downloads that it’s for 2019… (or is it simply the latest EXE file… (what are the zip ones for?)
Dynamo updates for 2020 and beyond have been incorporated into Revit 2020 and beyond updates… right? …


I downloaded the EXE and ran it to see…

The Dynamo blog is also worth following for news relating to Dynamo use, which any release certainly qualifies as.

There is also the release notes on the GitHub site (which is linked in that blog post), and of course the ‘Revit : Dynamo’ chart on the primer (which needs and update - give it a day or two): https://primer.dynamobim.org/08_Dynamo-for-Revit/8-1_The-Revit-Connection.html

I actually added that based on mine here! :grin:

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I’m adding it to the list of ‘things we owe John for.’ It’s a classic and I totally forgot you were the source. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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