FamilyType.ByGeometry show blank family

Hello. I use FamilyType.ByGeometry very often in Revit 2021. But in Revit 2022 this node suddenly just shown a blank family. Does anyone know how to fix this? thank you


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#Revit 2022
revit 2022

Looks like an import bug - there have been a few of these which are turning up here and there. Can you post a very basic sample graph and make an issue on the GitHub for Dynamo for Revit? This is the most effective way to get issues which need development resolution in front of the right people. :slight_smile:


Okay. I have done post it on GitHub. Hope there’s a solution as soon as possible. Thank you for your reply Jacob

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Hi @hardhi.raf Did you get the solution for this ?

Even I am also facing the same problem in Revit 2020 with dynamo 2.3.0

Please let me know if you got the solution.