Dynamo Graphs not saving after reinstall

Hi There,
Im a relative dynamo newbie and i had begun to get successful results with Dynamo albeit with frustrations.
I have just had to update to Revit 2018.3 for project requirements and various bug fixes and now my Dynamo graphs wont save whenever i make any modifications, or when i create new, even basic core nodes wont save on the graph.

I am using Dynamo 2.02


I have tried the following;
System Re-boot
Daily update of dynamo
review of notifications
create new graph
modify existing graph
Updated Revit to 2018.3.2
Uninstalled Dynamo 2.02 and reinstalled
Removed all 3rd party packages
Cant even roll back to 2.01 even after uninstall

i have also sent my graph to a colleague who can open with changes saved so this appears not be saving an issue but a viewing issue

in digging further and having reviewed the console i am receiving console errors that contain ‘Graph does not contain matching node model’

so i have now removed all 3rd party plugins and this appears to have resolved this issue. But this leaves a a question, do i keep persevering dynamo and accept some plugins won’t work or vice versa???

Many thanks in advance for any advice or help that anyone can give :grin:

The plugins would have to be updated to be compliant with the core Revit feature (which Dynamo is) for both to work. Check to make sure you’re on the latest version as Revit 2018.3 (and other updates) require a new version of many plugins.

Thanks Jacob, working without plugins at present, seems we will never have both dynamo and required plugin. One plugin is major loss, so i now need to create a graph for creating Builderswork in walls and slabs etc
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Bring the conflict to the attention of the manufacturer of the plugin. It’s not ALL plugins, so you can start enabling them in groups to narrow them down.

It’s not an either/or, but the plugin has to be built using the same Revit dependencies - if Revit or one of the Autodesk tools uses a library they should use the same version.

So now 6 months later, we again have the same problems, having re-built our graphs prior to Revit update on re-imaged clean install machines, with no plugins installed and everything functioning correctly. Then we update to Revit 2019.3 and again all Dynamo stops working! this is beyond frustrating, can Autodesk please just release products that have been tested and work!

25 years of pain using Autodesk Products!!!