DynaMaps Topography is flat

Hey Gents,

I’m attempting to test out the functionality of DynaMaps, however I seem to be running into an issue with it that I don’t see in the forums. I’m able to get DynaMaps to push the Topography out, however when doing so it comes across completely flat. Obviously the Topo is not flat, and I’ve even tried it in a few different locations and each location DynaMaps pushes out a Topo that is completely flat.

I have tried different zoom levels as well as adjusted the Topo Density, which I am able to see that it does update the data in the Dynamo graph. However, the data is still coming over completely flat.

See the below screenshot for what I am getting out of DynaMaps:

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

I’m running this in Revit 2020.1 and Dynamo v2.2, with Geometry Scaling set to “Extra Large”.


I am also having this exact issue and yet to find a solution