Dynamap didn'twork

Hello guys I try to make topography with dynamap
but didn’t work.
that didn’t show anything

yellow massage show only
“Warning: DynaMapsNodesFunctions.LiveFootPrint operation failed.
Unable to load type ‘Autodex.Revit.DB.DisplayUnitType’ from assembly ‘RevitAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.” this

I don’t know what’s means, can I get some help?
my Dinamo ver
dynamap ver 2019.2.21

Hi @l0903,

There has been a big change in the Revit API for units recently. If Dynamaps has not been updated, it is normal that it does not work for Revit 2022.

Thanks for the reply.

then I upgrade DynamoCoreRuntime2.12.0?