Dynamap didn'twork

Hello guys I try to make topography with dynamap
but didn’t work.
that didn’t show anything

yellow massage show only
“Warning: DynaMapsNodesFunctions.LiveFootPrint operation failed.
Unable to load type ‘Autodex.Revit.DB.DisplayUnitType’ from assembly ‘RevitAPI, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.” this

I don’t know what’s means, can I get some help?
my Dinamo ver
dynamap ver 2019.2.21

Hi @l0903,

There has been a big change in the Revit API for units recently. If Dynamaps has not been updated, it is normal that it does not work for Revit 2022.

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Thanks for the reply.

then I upgrade DynamoCoreRuntime2.12.0?

So that means there is no Dynamaps version for Revit 22 yet?

It looks like :

is there a solution today? or is it advisable to install revit 2019?

Hello…probably this one here could be an alternative…


Hi @l0903,
I had also faced the same issue and posted about it last year but so far no responses on the issue.