DXF export from RAM linked into Revit

Hi everyone,
I am new to Dynamo.
I want to get the code shown in the link. I tried, but something is wrong.

Thanks in advance for your help․

What should I do?

First thing you need to do is to know, you are not the only one facing this.
Welcome to the club
Now, what have you tried

Thanks for responding

I can not upload the Dynamo file.

In Dynamo, go to the upper right corner, click on the camera.
Upload the image produced instead

DXF.dyn (32.4 KB)

Dear @Marcel_Rijsmus
Any luck with the file I uploaded?

No i have opened it, too lazy
Give us the image and all errors expanded on yellow nodes if any.
It will be much more obvious that way and you might get a simple answer.

The images show the problems, if you can help.