Can Dynamo help me export .dxf files from Revit with "z" value data?


FYI a have never used Dynamo but may need to start digging into it to complete a task in front of me.

I need to generate .dxf line drawings (of wood panels and framing) which contain assigned “z” values to individual lines (representing wood stud thicknesses 3.5", 5.5" etc)

I need these files to be generated from elevation views and I do not believe Revit exports “z” value information when exporting from elevation view.

My question at this point is, Is this something Dynamo can help with?

Thank you

I haven’t worked with DXF, so I can’t say the best way to work around this in the UI or the API. However if DXF is always “2d flat”, then there is likely a solution utilizing line types or layers and then having the downstream tools/routines read those directly.

Yes, I am looking at line typing according to what z value I want and then using Dynamo to extrapolate this data…

Setting the line style by applying a filter, exporting, and then removing the filter should do the trick. Give it a shot and see where you get.