Hi Everyone,

I’d like to know how to import DWG to Dynamo in order to modelized object as Wall, slab, equipment… into 3D model.

PS : i create a layer by family (Wall, slab…)
I am working with DYNAMO REVIT 2.6

Thank you in advanced

Hi, and welcome! Try the bimorph package from Thomas Mahon. :slight_smile:

Thank you Joestein but could you please add some explanation cause i’m beginner. It’s for a class project
How to start ? HELPPPPPPPP !!!

Thank you very much

Simon50, i am in the same situation, Jostein please help us

@Simon50 @Bastien

Welcome to the forums.

Check out the post below on how to get help here. We’ll need to see what you’ve tried and where you’re having issues.

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I just want to transform geometry from my 2D Autocad into a 3D Model with DYNAMO REVIT.
I created simple room on Autocad with wall and slab.
I am very beginner that’s why i can’t explain better

Thank you very much

We need to see what you’ve attempted so far. Search for nodes involving CAD imports, walls, and floors and see how far you can get.

Hello @Simon50 …welcome here…im sure the community here can find a nice solution, but share some data :wink: