Duplicating views fail on a few views

I am trying to duplicate views with detailing using both archilab and clockwork packages , both fail on the same views , this graph has worked before on the same project (with the clockwork node )
What could be the reason ? any Ideas , the views are the same in terms of view template , type (i.e. floor plans) .
Of course the error message tells me there’s an error (dah !!!)
Thanks for any thought…

BTW - duplicating without detailing works fine.

What happens if you try to duplicate one of the error views with detailing in Revit without Dynamo? Could you expand the error so we can see it?

Hi @SeanP ,
The error just stated something along the lines of “failure to duplicate views” , when I duplicated manually I got a warning (can be ignored) about references and dimensions being deleted.
I am on a very tight timeline therefore what I did is duplicated the views manually and changed the graph to pick up the ‘view name … Copy 1’ , rename these and continue (my graph duplicates these into two dependent views with section box and drops these on sheets)
I wonder what is it about the annotation that prevents duplication.

We would need you to post the model with those views as is to find out.

You could try duplicating the views manually, get the list of dimensions which will be removed, and identify what edge condition is at play.

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Thanks @JacobSmall . I will try to identify the issue with the annotation - what do you mean by 'edge condition at play" ?

Edge condition, in this case, is something outside the expected use case which wasn’t taken into account when the tool was built.

An example in a Dynamo environment (albeit a straw man in terms of it’s simplicity): building a tool that places a toilet in every room with the name bathroom, but finding that the bathroom is called ‘powder room’ on the first floor, and then asking why the tool doesn’t place the toilet.

@JacobSmall got you, in layman’s’ terms - what caused this failure. I waled around the problem for now, because of time restrictions, but this graph is likely to be used often as it fits out workflow so I’ll be looking into that later .
Thanks again.

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This kind of question is impossible for us to answer without a sample model. We need to be able to reproduce the issue in order to be able to help you. Now, I am guessing that you are not able to share the model with us, hence I don’t think we will be ever able to help. I will just close this issue.