Duplicate parameters


I have an issue which I noticed when trying to compare parameters from two projects where different addins had been used and where the same products had slightly different parameters. I seemed to be losing parameters when filtering out the unique ones and what I noticed after a while was that some parameters showed up as duplicates.

I tested now on a pure Revit (2019) project and was able to see the same there
The project (download link): https://wetransfer.com/downloads/8e6aee685e24402213000398503b099120190530080314/1bab2d0fec7b6d2e8744d228570e9f8c20190530080314/5efcb6

I pretty much copied the code from the 3rd answer here:

…but I can’t figure out if it is the Dynamo that is playing tricks or if there is something in the Revit objects.

And there is actually variation. For the device below it seemed to switch between duplicating the Flow or the Level, not both at the same time in this one:

one run:

another run:

The dynamo blocks:
Get name and value of type parameters 3.dyn (7.7 KB)

In other projects I had for example “Level”, Flow" and “Category” doubled in the same objects, also at the same time, so my output could have 2x Level, 2x Flow and 2x Category in the same device. This does also happen in Type-parameters.
Does anyone have an idea of what is going on?

Sorry I do not have time to dig super deep into this right now but I think I can get you started.

Revit does have back end parameters (builtin parameters) that are not visible in the UI. Some of these parameters have the same name as the ones users interact with.

Sorry for the short answer. I will try and come back to this later.

Absolutely no worries, I understand very well that you spend your own time here. :slight_smile:
I’ll post this to AutoDesk’s forum as well, in case it is more related to that than to Dynamo. I’ll inform here in case someone there knows.