Duplicate Views with detailing and add copy after each name

I’m stuck i think i have this set up running ok just the name at the end of all the views sometime says
copy or sometimes c or sometimes A which is weird.


ps just noticed i have this script set to test on name

oooh and while im thinking about it how do i get it to just list the view name and hide the id


To answer your second question first: there is an input to UI.ListView Data called ShowId_optionnal which when set to false won’t show the id. As the input notes, it is important that you don’t have inputs with the same names (e.g. a ceiling plan and a floor plan with the same name) otherwise it can cause errors. You are also feeding the view to Keys, but feeding the name separately would result in a cleaner list (without the view type):

(Your screengrab shows TextNoteType as the Element Type, but I assume you’re running it with ViewPlan or similar? It’s hard to tell because you don’t show any outputs expanded)

For your initial question: you are giving a single string as the name but the views are in a list. The underlying code for Clockwork View.DuplicateWithDetailing is written in Python, and in Python strings are iterable, so it will go through and match each character to your views, so for “test” in your screengrab, the first view will be “t”, the second “e”, the third “s” and so on. That could be remedied by making it a list ["test"] but Revit won’t allow you to give multiple plans the same name of “test”. Instead, I assume you want to add something to the end of the existing name? Using Element.Name and adding your desired suffix and using that as the new name would achieve that:

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Hi Thomas, Thanks for this i clocked the id input after i had sent it.