Apply Scope Box to parent views as Dependent views

I am trying to take an existing view in my project and duplicate it as a dependent using the quantity of scope boxes as the number of dependents. My issue is that I am getting only one scope box on parent view. not able to figure out why all scope boxes are not getting applied? Here is the snapshot of my current script below.

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similar cases available in this forum. try to search

Here some this for your reference.

Thanks Vijay for replying.
I have checked the link you sent but still not able to figure out the issue. Please find attached my script for reference. just in case you want to have a look.Apply Scope Box to parent views as Dependent views.dyn (11.4 KB)

Like this?

Hi Vijay,
This is what I wanted and managed to achieve.
Thanks for your time.


If you share your graph it will be helpful for finding others.

Here it is.Create dependent views & apply scope boxes.dyn (8.9 KB)