Duplicate family from linked model into host model

Can someone please identify why I’m getting a “null” for the last node?
I’m trying to insert a title block family in a structural/architectural model into my MEP model.

I posted the same to an older topic as well:

Thank you!

I don’t think you need the list levels @L2 and @L1 on the inputs of CopyFromLinkInstance node.
Did you try without ?

I still get a “null”.

The error comes from the API : “Exception: Some of the elements cannot be copied, because they are view-specific.”

Another API method must be used to copy the view specific elements.

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You must use the Document.CopyFromViewToView node.

Copy titleblock.dyn (15.3 KB)

PS : I wrote a crude Sheet To Titleblock in Document python script.

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Still getting a null.

Insert_TB_from_link.dyn.dyn (31.1 KB)

The active view must be a sheet. You can’t copy a titleblock to a floor plan or Drafting view.
Your active view on your picture is a drafting view.

Here is the warning in Revit when you try to place a titleblock on a drafting view :

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Amazing @Alban_de_Chasteigner , thank you so much!
I really need to find some time to learn Python.