Duplicate existing Revit Filter


I want to duplicate an existing Revit filter and modify a parameter thereafter, but I can’t find the node allowing to duplicate a filter. Do you have an idea ?

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I don’t think there is a node for duplicating a filter. You would just get all the pieces from the existing filter and use them to create a new one.

is it possible to retrieve the filter rule from the Revit Filter with Dynamo?


Unfortunately there aren’t any nodes and it requires some knowledge of the Revit API…

Here’s a thread which create filters…

Hopefully it’s useful :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your reply

In reality, my real goal is to create a filter for the cuts. Manually, this manipulation is possible on Revit, but when I switch to Dynamo, the filtering parameters are not recognized … hence my wish to duplicate an existing filter. Do you have an idea about creating a filter for cuts from Dynamo?

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Apologies, would you mind explaining in more detail what you want to filter? If you could attach a screen shot that would be very helpful…



This is what I want to do, but with Dynamo

Can you show us a picture of your graph with all the nodes showing previews?