Duplicate Assembly Sheets within Assembly element


Sorry because I am new here, I will try to explain my best and I hope you can help me:)

I am working with assemblies and when I have tried to duplicate these sheets with dynamo they didn´t came out in the assembly area. They appear as a normal sheet and I have lost all the title block information related to the assembly.

So there is anyway that i can get the duplicate assembly sheets within the assemblies?

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This function seems to also not work in Revit itself. I guess the solution is to dupe all the views, get their locations on the reference Sheet and place them. I’m curious to see if anyone has an easier solution or else we could try this (as I would also be interested in this :slight_smile: )

@alfredodomenech the Sheet.Duplicate node if thats why you cc’d me doesn’t make any distinction between normal sheets and assembly sheets hence why they are appearing under the Sheets category in the browser. There is a specific method in the API for doing this however, so it is possible but for now there is no way to do this using BimorphNodes plus you cant change the sheet to an assembly sheet once its created - I’ve added this to the feature requests.

What’s this method called in the API? I couldn’t find it.

You need to use AssemblyViewUtils.CreateSheet(Autodesk.Revit.DB.Document document, Autodesk.Revit.DB.ElementId assemblyInstanceId, Autodesk.Revit.DB.ElementId titleBlockId)

Its also worth mentioning that their is no way to ‘duplicate’ a sheet if thats what you meant - instead, BimorphNodes for example, simply creates a new sheet and matches the various parameters like name etc, to emulate duplication. The same technique would be used with the method above too.

Thanks for letting me know the way to proceed. I will investigate the API definition.

I will be waiting with open arms the BimorphNodes solution :wink:

Thanks a lot and nice to meet you

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