Dublicate assemblies

Hey there!

Over the last weeks I’ve been trying to get familiar with Dynamo and it’s going better every day. However, I discovered that working with Dynamo becomes more difficult when it comes to working with assemblies. In this script, I’m trying to duplicate one assembly 20 times. When, for example, we do a project with 100 homes but just 5 different types of housing, we would like to duplicate the assembly for each house of that type.

In this script I tried everything I could think of and decided to show all my attempts (which are shown in the purple group).
I found out that some Custom Nodes where outdated, but I replaced the old codeblocks within these custom nodes so this won’t be a problem anymore.
However, I found some more ‘problems’, one element can only exist in one assembly and the element ID stays the same after I duplicated the element, so this won’t be the solution i guess?

I’m working with revit '19 and Dynamo 2.0

I hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance!