Duplicate 3D views in version 1.3

Hi all,

I’m trying to duplicate a 3d view multiple times but there doesn’t seem to be a node out there that for version 1.3.

I’ve seen in other post that the clockwork package would have done the trick in previous releases, but unfortunately its not supported for this version.

Any suggestions how I can work around this.

Thank you

Seems to be working for me.


Are you trying to Duplicate any random view multiple times? The same view multiple times or a duplicate of a duplicate? Is this part of a dedicated workflow? Can you post your graph if so? Will it always be the same number of duplicates or variable?

Clockwork can duplicate once. If you are going to pipe in an integer for the number of times you want to duplicate, there may be a workaround that I am not currently seeing.

List.Cycle of the original view will do this. Apologies, didn’t see the multiple view portion in the original post.

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I get this error when trying to install it, do i just delete the packages off the server before I start?

Working with Clockwork package. Attempted the same with Archi-lab Package, just for kicks, and it requires a unique name to be able to duplicate. Clockwork’s package just drops a “Copy X” after the view name.

@James_Washbourne If you are standalone, you should be fine following instructions. If connected with a network location, contact your I.T. / BIM Manager.


Thanks for this gents. Sorry I took my time getting back to you. I was having problems installing and uninstalling the packages.

Thank you both

Have you noticed that View.Duplicate from Archi-lab doesn’t duplicate Area Plans? Do you experiment the same problem or is just me?

This could be the answer you’re after: