Clashing with Duct - Cable tray/Pipe

Dear All,

Is there any dynamo script that can be run to avoid clash in between duct and cable tray or pipe to be instead of going each clash to manually split and divert to connect,
Like to below snip,


Any leads would be appreciated


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It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever find a script that does exactly what you want in exactly the way you want it to work. The basic logic for what you’re after has been shared many many times on this forum however. So I would start by searching for clash posts, doing some research and testing of your own, and then posing any specific questions you have back here.


@Nick_Boyts Please accept my apology, actually I had refer this forum link Duct/Pipe/Cable Tray offset - #5 by sovitek
and and made the script,
test-duct-pipe.dyn (83.0 KB)
As I’m beginner and I couldn’t connect well, that is why I tagged @sovitek for help

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No apology necessary. Just making sure you’re following all the appropriate steps. We need as much information as you have in order to provide you with the best steps forward.

Can you post a screenshot of your graph in action with any warnings or errors explained and all node preview bubbles turned on so we can see what’s happening?

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No worries i Will take a look later on your graph…but as @Nick_Boyts mention always good to show an image with expanded nodes…you know people are normally to lazy to download and open the graph :grinning:

I sure am. :grin:


Hehe yes we know😍

Hello @Shan …try something here it works for rect duct 90 degree for round ducts or pipes you need another node from MePover…cabletrays are different but could be made as well…I see you need Genius Loci package for run…so try something here and play around with it…good luck

For Shan.dyn (90.5 KB)

Could probably be made more smooth, but thats what i had for time now;)


the request intrigue me because generally we avoid making breaks on the ventilation networks because of pressure drops :thinking:


Yes @c.poupin Hope all HVAC engineers avoid that situation :wink:


Thank you @sovitek making the graph, I had run this graph and got this error

Could you please check, where I missed

Hi couid you create an image where you expand the nodes before your warnings

Hi I mean the nodes before the warnings…if you want then share a small snip on the rvt you work on

Hi Sovitek,

Sorry for late response, I was in off to work, Thank you, finally I got it, the unit was in inch which is why it has got warning, attached test revit file, 9MB
two question now,
The diverting fittings not connected,

If I get linked file from the HVAC duct, how could work this graph?

Thanks in advance

Strange works fine for me here…

For Shan.dyn (88.9 KB)

You will need to do it on active document not a link but the component you fix against in your case cabletray could easy be link

EDIT hre is another version probably more stable with fittings…

NEW For Shan.dyn (96.5 KB)

Thank you Sovitek for your time, its work perfect,

can you little elaborate,

“but the component you fix against in your case cabletray could easy be link,”

also in some case duct cant be diverted, cable tray need to divert, so its possible?

Yes it is but for cabletrays its another things i mention that in post early,so please make a another topic an make this one as solved

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