Duct Fitting Midpoint

Hi All,

Is it possible to find out the mid point of duct fittings (transitions, bends, elbows…) I and trying to tag them using dynamo and I cannot find the mid point. I have used element.location node and got the curve for ducts but for fittings I cannot get the curve.

TAGS-MC test.dyn (79.7 KB)

Get the top surface of duct fittings and use Surface.PointAtParameter node with 0.5 as U,V.

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How do get the top surface. I tried this

from https://landarchbim.com/2016/04/06/extract-top-and-bottom-floor-surfaces/ and revit went into infinite loop. Am I missing something?

If you follow Kulkul’s advice, you can try this


That Worked @Alban_de_Chasteigner but because the fittings shapes vary it works for some and for some its in the start/end point. Still it is better than what I had and there is cleaning up to do. Thank you both @Kulkul and @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Hy @avinash.hv
May i know your progress now?
due to i’ve same research with you where i want to tag duct fitting but only 1 item can tagging :sweat_smile:
This is my dynamo

DUCT FITTING.dyn (22.4 KB)

and this result
Sorry, I am still newbie ^^

Hi @Harywijaya.2
The reason you get only one tag is because you are using get item at index. My guess is, you are trying to skip every second item is that right ? We all are beginner mate so don’t worry. I got some fittings tags working but most didn’t. What I did was passed all the fittings through element.location node and used the points directly place the tags. This will place tags at start/end point. Dont have access to computer now. Will send what I did tomorrow

Alright @avinash.hv, Thank you before for sharing what you did

Hi @Harywijaya.2

This is what I did finally, Remember to exclude flanges as they will also be numbered. If you get the tag at center of every fitting let me know.Duct fittngs tag.dyn (14.5 KB)