Duct Fitting Area - Duct fitting to follow straight duct thickness!

Hi Guys,

Basically, if you have wye fitting, you gonna have 3 width (Width 1, Width 2 & Width 3). All of the width is attached to the duct connector in order to ensure the wye fitting can be use & function in the project.

In my case here, i would like to give a condition to my wye fitting and it is simple terminology and i don’t know why i found really difficult to do a scripting on it.

Lets digest this, i have 3 connector that ties to straight duct 1,2 and 3. All straight duct have different duct thickness according to their size. Bigger size means bigger duct thickness. Thus, my objective is to let dynamo to search the biggest size of straight duct and assign the same value of duct thickness to duct fitting.

Duct Width 1 = 200mm
Duct Width 2=400mm
Duct Width 3=600mm

Duct Fitting Wye= 600mm (Pick the biggest size of duct width 3)

Appreciate if you guys can assist me on this. Thanks a lot!!

Hi Akmalzol,

Is this not what you are looking for?