Dropdown values of a parameter

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I would like to get possible values of a parameter (from Dropdown menu in Revit for example yes/no or other values that user set up). You can see them in Revit and set them but how can you call in Dynamo?

Here is an example:


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If you really want a dropdown menu you would need the Data-Shapes package.
Then use the MultiInputForm++ and the Dropdown Data nodes.

I know that what I want to say is: I want to get that options in Dynamo so as to use in Dropdown from Data-Shape.
When I use “Get Parameter Value” I see only the for example “Absperrung” but I want to see other options so I can set that values…

Probably the image you posted is in german. It would understand much better if its in English.

I guess that would be ordered as 0,1,2,3… so on. Away from pc so I couldn’t try it

The language is actually not important in this case. The parameter “Funktion” has options (Text values) like “Absperrung” or “Leithilfe” etc. I would like to have that values in Dynamo. If I run the “Parameter Value” Node I get only the selected value… but I would like to get other options…

If you entered all the values in atleast one element, this would work.

Collect all element and get those values in a list. Now add node to it “list.unique items”

will it work?

I think I could not explain good enough…


The Parameter “Risikoklasse” has options like “I+A” “I+B” etc. I can select them in Revit… but I can call that values in Dynamo. Parameter.Value calls only the active value which is “null”

I think what you are trying to achieve is not possible because revit actually sees the values you have entered and gives you suggestions.You can’t extract the suggestion list unless you don’t have a API access key for it (which I think is not exposed.)

Alternatively selecting all the elements extracting the values from them and giving it as a drop-down is possible as @Nissal says but rather costly on computation.

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I agree with @Nissal and @saju_autodesk on retrieving all, then getting the unique elements.

That being said, you could instead create a list of strings and choose from it. I guess these are standard values and you’ll have more values to choose from, than assigned in the project.

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Thank you very much guys! Now I see that, that created many rooms in Template file and with a global paramter some values are selected.

It is but weird… I can’t find all values somehow…