Drop down list of all Parameter (type and instance) Node

Hi All,

Do we have a node that lists all the parameters in the model as a drop downlist ?

There are a few options for drop down lists, #springnodes and #data-shapes package’s will handle the UI side of this task. Listing all parameters might be a little more involved as a process. Can you elaborate on the parameters you are wanting and what the end result of your script is? For context, as this can help others help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve created a script to isolate elements,

Instead of creating a code block I want the parameter name to be a drop down list wherein user can define which parameter they need to process isolation.

So that I could use it it Dynamo Player

Have a look at the node List.Dropdown in the #springnodes package, this allows for some simple inputs to define the list to select from.

Hint: You can use a code block or the Passthrough node from #clockwork to force run order for multiple drop down or pick from list selections when using this style of input in the Dynamo player environment :wink: have a search on the forum for topics on this to expand your knowledge :+1:t2:

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I prefer the UI++ nodes from the Datashapes package for this type of ‘user selects option’ type of stuff.

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