Parameter Value Drop down menu for families

Hi, I have made some parameters for a family but I am struggling to create a drop down menu with values from an excel file for each parameter. Does anyone know how to create it with Dynamo? I had a look in the forum but no success.
here are my parameters.

You want to fill the parameter values using Dynamo or are you looking for dropdown menu in Revit?
If you are looking for dropdown menus in Revit, I suggest you look at link below.

If you want to fill values with dynamo, then you need to explain a bit more, how you want to achieve that.

@Jan_Secnik, I am looking how to make the drop down menu in Dynamo.

You should check Data-Shapes Package.
I can give you an example but it written in codeblocks.

This is what I am trying to do, the values to be a drop down menu from where to choose, and it has to be text.

Maybe this will help?

So you don’t want the dropdown menu as a popup when running Dynamo, you just want the dropdown menu in the properties window of the family type in Revit it sounds like.

For text, a dropdown menu is autogenerated when that text value exists for that parameter somewhere else in the model. So let’s say I have a comments parameter on FamilyInstance1 set to “1”. If I go to FamilyInstance2’s comments parameter, there should be a dropdown menu that contains “1”. If I want “2” to show up as well, I need another FamilyInstance that has it set to “2”.

The same method works for family types.

There is no need to do this through Dynamo. The only way Dynamo might be useful is to autogenerate two new ‘sacrificial’ family types of the same family with the parameters already set to “1” and “2” so that every new family type will have that dropdown menu.

Edit: I think what you are actually trying to ask for is Lookup Tables when you mentioned Excel file. That isn’t a Dynamo thing, that’s a Revit thing.

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I have the list in Excel with all different types of codes for classification, I thought I could get a drop down menu to choose directly the code, instead of typing it manually.

Not in the Family Types window like you are showing. It is possible through using nodes like DataShapes mentioned above but the process is more like you have to run the script and a popup window with the drop down menu in it is shown. But you would have to do it individually for all the families.

If the pop up menu is in Revit, then that is what I am trying to do, it doesn’t matter if I have to do it individually.
I dont want to choose the code from the drop down menu from the script, but from Revit.

Then please see this post above.