DropDown list for Base Lines in Corridors


The only way i can find is that the user writes the name of the Base Line, have i missed out on something? I like a node that looks like the one for Corridors.


Hi @clas.kristiansen,

I’m not the creator of that package, but I have several dropdown nodes in my package and I can say that they are pretty hard to create. What you’re describing would require the node to have an input port and then the list of dropdown items would vary depending on the input. You’ll notice that there are no examples of other dropdown nodes that do that - they simply provide a list of items that is constant. I’ll let you know if I figure out how to do what you’re describing, and please do share an example if you find one. I’d love to know if someone figures it out!

FYI here was a similar request awhile ago and a similar response.

I’ve thought about such a thing too. There are complex UI nodes like a slider, so technical it must be possible. But I’ve not found a way to add an inputport or even better, two dropdowns. Even then, it would be hard to update the second dropdown on a change of the first.

Maybe (I’ve not tested it) it is possible to fill one dropdown with all the baselines of all corridors. Like:

“Corridor 1, Baseline 1”
“Corridor 1, Baseline 2”
“Corridor 2, Baseline 1”
and so on.

It should be possible to create a dropdown that takes an input. I’ve seen it done, just was not able to reproduce in Civil 3D. @Michael_Kirschner2 any advice in these regards would be great.

I’ve tried adding a new PortModel to the inports collection but that was no success. Maybe the DropdownBase can’t handle that and do we have to build a custom base (to be generic) or build a node in WPF.