Drawing topo ground lines

Hi, still learning and quite new to this. Curious if there would be a node that picks up where your elevation is cutting through the topo in elevation view. Trying to make it easier to draw existing ground lines using detail lines

Hello, please see here how to cut a face with topography:

What i would like to do is use dynamo to draw a detail line following the cut topo in an elevation view. Not cut an element using the topo. My topo is from a linked file. Not sure if this would make it more difficult

end result im after in dynamo

Please send screenshots or file with explanation of your issues in doing it and someone will probably help :slight_smile:
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Thanks, I’m to hopeless at the moment. Ill do some research and try get some sort of a script together and get back to this :slight_smile:

There nothing undoable here, you can begin with the script provided by @jostein_olsen (see the link provided on YouTube), I’m sure he will help you on your way :wink:
There’s also some support to be found here:

Thank you!

Don’t forget to thank Jostein once you’re done! :slight_smile:

Hi Vanman. One way is to download the Clockwork package and some of the nodes found therein. The workflow under shows how to produce model lines, but you can also refine this into using detail lines I guess, if you must! :slight_smile:


Thanks Jostein! :slight_smile: As soon as I’ve got some time i cant wait to look into this. So helpful! Just crazy busy at end of work year.

Managed to give this a go. This is as far as i can get so far. Issues im running into are

  1. Getting dynamo to draw an actual detail line on revit view and picking which detail line to draw.
  2. Selecting a topo from a linked revit file. cant seem to select the topo. only the linked revit file element ID

Hi @vanman

Detail.FromCurve is expecting curve currently your connecting polycurve. Convert polycurves to curve using Polycurve.Curve node.

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awesome! thank you! so cool to finally see a result. it drew the lines but the lines were “Thin Lines” not “Hidden Lines” i put in value. Not sure how to fix this, possibly i need to create a list of lines styles and select one from a string contains node or something?
Is there a node to draw a spline instead of separate straight lines?
still stuck with the issue of selecting a topo element from a linked file if you would know anything about this :slight_smile:

sorry so many questions, googling as i type all this

@vanman You need to mark this post as solved and ask your another your query by creating a new thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

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