Draw section based on section points - Section nodes for data set given in referenced example

Hi I’m referencing a previous topic because I would like to know more information. The topic below was solved therefore closed.

I would like to know the section nodes used in dynamo for the data set used in the example.
I have experimented with section by bounding box and section by cs min/max.

I would be grateful for any further input.

Many thanks.


I’m Not Use
any Section Node at dynamo program

I’m create
this sections in civil 3d

than I extract the points from this sections to
excel sheet

all one
section contains 51 points

I’m put the
51 points in excel at one page

Example the
F page contains 51 points for first section

And G Page
contains 51 points for next section

Now: than I’m
Import this excel to dynamo

All points
in one section it’s will appear on form section

then I connect
between this points by line and arc nodes for draw the section

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this girder
forms it’s with super elevation and sometimes with widening

in revit I can’t
create or calculate super elevation and widening

in civil 3d
you can do it

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