Draw Section ( Based on Section points )

Draw Section ( Based on Section points )

1-I imported Alignment Points From Excel To Dynamo
2-I Converted This Points From Alignment Path To Section Points
3-I Drawed One Section ….

Now… How To Repeat This Function ( Draw Section) For All Sections by easy and quick method




Transpose the results and use the list.getitematindex node with lacing at longest instead of shortest.

Thank you very much
it’s Sloved by Transpose The results Only

Hi there,
I’m going to open this discussion up again and create a new topic.
I follow the script above however I would like to know what section node the above data set is used for? I have been through the create section nodes by bounding box and by min/mas cs. I will open another topic and reference this thread.
I would appreciate further explanation.
Many thanks

The new topic is here