Draw order and Text Style editing

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I have created a Coordinate Grid using the dynamo blocks, but I imagine the rest of the edits must be done through Python using the API. First, I need to create and configure a text style to use the simplex font and use and Oblique Angle of 15d; and second, I need to have my text be on top of the lines (since I use background mask to cover them), not sure if this second one can be solved through the nodes themselves.

Here is a screenshot of how the final result is looking like:

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I found some python scripts to do some layer edits and change an object’s text style, but couldn’t find the specifics mentioned above (create text style with oblique angle).

I don’t think there are nodes for Draworder (yet) but it must be possible to do that with Python.

Another possibility is creating the objects in reverse order so that text is generated later than the lines.

Or use the Camber function to send a command to AutoCAD: TEXTTOFRONT.

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This function would bring all objects on a drawing to front right? It works great but then I would have no control over other stuff being messed on the drawing.

How can I control the order in which things happen? I have lines and text being created after the same step on my dynamo, if I could delay the text output then it should work as well.

Here is a picture of my nodes

You could add a gate so that downstream operations have to wait for others to complete before they are executed. This is commonly done with a simple code block:

[passThrough, waitFor][0];


I am struggling with how the block actually works, so I use the lists on it and then the first list exits? Take a look at what I tried here. I have a list with all the lines and I have multiple mtext create because they are created with different attachments.