Draw AutoCAD lines from a list of start points and end points


I have a list of “start points” and a list of “end points” each with 14 points that I am trying to have drawn into AutoCAD. The Line.ByStartPointEndPoint seems to be able to take these lists and draw each line in Dynamo, but when I use the AutoCAD Line.ByTwoPoints node to transfer these lines into AutoCAD, only the line for the index 0 points is drawn. Does anyone have a work around for this?

AutoCAD lines|672x500

Hi, have you try to change the lacing mode is n the node?
Right click in the last node and change lacing mode.

Hi Javier! Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve my problem. The node output is a list of 14 lines, but only one of the lines (the first) is actually drawing in AutoCAD.

Hi @mbrayN4L27 did you tried ByGeometry (object.bygeometry) and (object.geometry) node?

Hi @i51vignesh! Thanks for the tip - I realized it had to do with the Point.Add node I was using. When I created a list from the Point.Add node rather than taking the points straight from that node to the Line.ByTwoPoints node it seemed to solve the problem.

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