How to connect with line for multiple coordinate point

Hi i want to create line by connecting these 6 points continuously. pls advise.


Hi ayepwint, what kind of line/ lines do you want to create? And is there a logical order in these points?
Maybe you could sketch it out in paint

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Hi Daan, want to create as per sketch. After that i plan to use loft. Btw I m newbie. i know that can use bystartpointendpoint. But i want to draw polyline like in autocad. Is there better way?Thanks.

If the points are in the order you want to connect them, you just have to shift the indices by 1, so one point becomes the endpoint of the next one, if you just want to create simple lines.

In dynamo polycurves are similar to polylines in autocad. You can create a polycurve by joining lines, or directly from the points: