Drape Surface over objects

Hi guys, just playing around how to make an excavation in Revit, and noticed pretty cool tool in Rhino that may be used for this, called “Drape Surface over objects”. It just in one click tights surface over my upside-down substructure (1), in result I get smth. like a cliche (2) to put in my topography and get excavation site and volumes.

So the question is if there is any substitution in Dynamo for this tool or some other ideas to achieve this?

An option could be to import the draped surface from Rhino through Dynamo to Revit?

Yeah, this is the main option, for now, however, I`m noob in Rhino, currently cant make drape w/o those smooth fillets, to make it straight just as original (seems surface cant be transformed to have totally vertical edges)