Creation of a physical Topographic surface element in Revit From dynamo

Hi there,:wink:
I was trying to generate a real component like topographic surface on Revit from dynamo!
I obtained an almost satisfying result as you can see but I really would like to transfom it in a real topographic Revit surface! :sweat_smile:
If you have any tips about haw could I do, it will be really Helpful!
Thank you very much to the community.:hugs:
Creation Topographic surface from rhynamo.dyn (13.9 KB)
sol 3d rhino.3dm (713.7 KB)

Hi @miathou,

@Vikram_Subbaiah has already given you a great answer in your previous topic.


Hi Alban,
I tried this solution as well before but it didn’t work!:wink:
Actually, I can’t extract point visibly!
Indeed the yello node : " Topography.ByPoints" : warning, operation failed, 3 points at least are necessary to creat a topogaphic surface"
That’s why I don’t understand why it works for you but not for me on the same 3d rhino model!:disappointed_relieved:
As you see!

You must set the lacing on cross product on the node Surface.PointatParameter.
This might also help!

Thank You Guys! I Works great!:wink:
It really helps me! And thank you for the explanation and your patience!:wink: